I hope you have time to visit us.  There is so much more to Glastonbury than the festival and the crystal shops. It is a place some love and other hate.


The good thing with Glastonbury is that it is a good place for all of you who want to be yourself. Where spirituality and religion and very important. It is a place for lots of religions and beliefs and some people says there are over 100 religions/ beliefs in Glastonbury. I think as many as there are people.


The people who live here have been drawn to this place in most cases. An ordinary story is that they visited Glastonbury and then they couldn’t leave. They had to live here. For me I had a holiday and then I fell in love in this little town. 



















What I like with this little town is the freedom. The freedom to be yourself and to be allowed to live a spiritual life. No one thinks you are weird and you don’t get bullied. If you get it you have loads of friends in the same situation as you. You are not alone on your path and you are among liked minded. That’s my experience.  


This little town also is perfect to live in when you are fed up of going to loads of workshops. You get them here; for free. This town amplifies your issues to the point that you clearly can see them. So if you having an issue you can ask and you will clearly see the problem, work on them and heal by yourself or get help from a healer or what you now believe in. The issues will show up until solved. Then when it is solved you have a much better and peaceful life. But be prepared. The journey can be painful and you cant ignore the pain in the same way as you do in an ordinary town. There are loads of things I would have ignored in the “ordinary” world but because I want to live here I have to solve it and work on it, to be a better person. If I leave the pain it amplifies.






















A simple thing is to put your intention out there. What would I like to work on? What is my problem? Why do have this kind of problem? And Glastonbury shows you and gives you an answer. Don’t forget to ask for help. You can also ask. What is my mission in life? How do I want to live? Is this the life I am having now the one I want to live? Is my relationship good for me and what can I improve?


Another important aspect is the possibility of manifestation. I have never seen such fast and quick manifestation as I have seen here. If I am worried about something, it gets worst. If I ask for good things, it comes my way as well. So you learn how to drive your little boat of manifestation.


  So welcome to Glastonbury and enjoy the town.

                                     Tune in to the nature and see  what is going on.



Welcome to Glastonbury