In memory of Efva...

Efva my best friend has passed away. I will miss her dearly. She always told me to love and have compassion. We usually sat and moaned why people lacked empathy, intelligence and kindness and reminded each other we were right with our feelings. She used to say. If it feels right, it is right.

Our friendship was special and Efva was the person who believed in me. She was the one who accepted me for who I was. She supported me every day during the hardest time in my life.

She knew her stuff but found the world hard because she was so sensitive and saw and felt people’s intentions and outcomes in life. I tried to remind her about her sensitivity, to not take it so personal and connect to her guides and focus on the positive by being so psychic. She knew, but forgot in the next moment. She saved some peoples life in the social office when I struggled with clients and the management. She saved definitely one person’s life.

I love her so dearly. She always reminded me to have compassion for people who are not so kind. To not to judge and that some people do not understand when they have a hidden emotional learning disability.

She never visited Glastonbury and that was a shame because she would have fitted in so well in this community. I will miss her but know she is in a good place and in peace where she belongs. She was a great teacher, friend and still is. Now she has gone to Narnia and I will see her there one day.

Rest in peace.

Lots, Lots of Love Cat