Holiday? = Getting sick?

Woman sitting and admiring the sunset.

Finally a week or two for a break. You have made your plans, booked your flights, trips, planned you projects. Finally time for yourself. You are on top. Looking forward this little break of a couple of weeks. You are preparing. Writing checklists, arranging final meetings, trying to clear the desk before you go, and off you go. The next day. OMG. Tired, soar throat, caught, temperature. What is going on??

You have probably the holiday sickness. Its very common and when it happens you wonder: Why me!!.

The same happened to me this year. So I Googled it, as most of us do in these times, and found the remedy.

You have to prepare slowly get your body used to relax. A tip is to start two months before with a holiday plan where you include decreasing of hours four weeks before you having a break. Prepare your tasks. Hold meetings as early as possible.

I think holiday sickness is more common now. We have the pressure to answer texts, messages, Whatsup, Facebook, emails and be on duty all the time. If we don't reply to all messages instantly or within a couple of days, friends and colleagues wonder. Whats up?

Ten years ago we had dual phone contracts for one phone. One code for business and one for private use. That kind function is gone and not possible anymore. If we want a private life we have to one private phone where we can see missed calls from the professional phone. The apple ID keeps the professional and the private phone together.

We can't sent automatic text messages that we are out of duty any more which was possible 20 years ago when the phone arrived.

Its like Facebook, iPhone and What'sup have decided that we have to be on call ALL the time. That may cause severely stress. So we have to take care of our health, set up boundaries and not always be on duty.

Lots of Love