Who is the Devil?

Yesterday an article was published on Facebook about the fact that The Church of Lucifer had open in Columbia. Lots of people had ticked that they were angry, upset about the fact that this was now opened. The article had pictures of a Church with a golden devil at the altar, a priest dressed in a white suit and red shirt. The Church had upside down cross and the colour theme was red, white and black.

I just wonder.. What is upsetting with this?

I am not going to write about who Lucifer was because I am not well educated enough to know who he was or what he stands for but what is upsetting with this?

What I know is that most of these groups of people are working with the shadow of themselves. They embrace and work negative forces and accepts them. I just wonder what is so horrible with this when;

WE the humanity are voting for Presidents who wants to kill other people, bomb for oil, destroy Stonehenge because the public wants to have a convenient trip to their summer holidays, discriminate people because of the Bible, written 2000 years ago, said that some ways of living was wrong.

What is upsetting when we are cheating with taxes and stealing from vulnerable people? Actually generating a criminal vibration. What is the difference of that and the evil vibration?

Whats the difference of worshipping the Devil when the government are so stubborn to expand a nuclear station that when their ordinary partner pulls out, they go to CHINA and getting money there? Everybody knows that nuclear really destroys the planet and if a mistake happen it kills everything in its way.

Who is the Devil I wonder and who is worshipping what?

Lots of Love