Choice of partner

When people come to me they mostly ask for what I can see regarding their partner. I just say one word. The person you are attracted to is a reflection of yourself. The person is on the same vibration as yourself in some ways. There are going to be many similarities which you may not be able to see yourself like mannerism, behaviour, thoughts forms, belief systems.

So if you are in a relationship with a crazy, wild, absent person, write down the shortcomings and make an action list for yourself. Meditate, walk silent walks, dowse with your heart, shamanic journeys. Do tarot readings on your shortcomings. Ask for signs etc. Work with self-discovery.

To attract the real love, we have to personify these qualities within our self.

What you are, you get.

What you give, you get in return.

What you get, you are.

You can also check your astrological dynamics in your relationship by going into the website

Lots of Love