The girl on the Glass- mountain..

When i was a teenager I had this wish to change my last name to Glasberg. In English that means Glass -mountain. In Sweden we got an expression. The girl is on the Glass mountain which means a woman who is left on the shelf.

I felt already in early age left on the shelf and that it would be a perfect last name for me when Larsson was so bland. It is like having Smith as your last name. It just means son of Lars. I have not thought about it until now, but now we live in Glastonbury which means Glass mountain and there is an and to this. There is lots of women in Glastonbury who are "left on the shelf" because of the free will but also because of lack of healthy men on a spiritual path. I have a friend and he says that women in Glastonbury are suffering the Glastonbury curse. To be on your own for the rest of your life if you choose to stay.

Wonder if the person who created the expression the girl on the Glass mountain thought about Glastonbury?

Lots of Love


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