The healing weekend

Today i went with my friends to the Healing weekend in Highbridge. 45 min from Glastonbury. I loved it. Lots of mediums, healers sold and gave treatment. It is a spiritual festival and very nice and very cheap. I liked it.

I had my spiritual guide painted and very happy with the results. It made sense. I had a facelift with acupuncture and could actually notice a difference and i also bought some nice face creams charged with lovely angelic energy. I could instant see results. So i am very happy with this. So i had a nice day out with my friends.

Picture of a woman selling Angelic face creams

This festival is every year and the stall holders pay some rent. It is very cheap to get in. Only £5 for the festival, extra £5 if you would like to attend a workshop and another £5 if you would like to go for entertainment in the evening. All fees goes to the animal shelter/ sanctuary. So check that out.

Love Cat