Emotions as a force

Underwater dive

I went to Waitrose yesterday. I am usually not going to Waitrose because of the parking. In my eyes it is a statement. You have to pay to be able to shop. The supermarket offers high quality food and it is the most expensive supermarket in UK. You get refund when you have shopped. Waitrose is the only supermarket where you have to pay for parking. Their staff are special trained to be super friendly. Everything has to be perfect. The perfect smile, the perfect treatment of costumers and the feeling of no acceptance of complaining, because they are so perfect.

I have tried to avoid this supermarket when you have to pay £2 for parking. For me it is a statement. You are only welcome if you are rich but yesterday I went because I needed a salad which I knew they had.

I went in and felt the irritation. I felt the anger penetrate my energetic field. I told the cashier that I did not like that they charged for the parking. He started to lie as a protection and I got more irritated. I can not stand lies.

I said that I still did not like that they charge and suddenly the other cashier came and was beside him. I could feel the underlined threatening energy they had.

I could hear my own thoughts how in general customers to these supermarkets are selfish and rather pay for parking than looking after vulnerable people.

Today I went to a healing group and the healer just talked about this. About forces who are penetrating us with their anger and rage. Her advice was to just to feel how it goes through you because your essence is pure love.

We all are pure love. Feelings and emotions are just energies we have to learn to accept and let them go through us. We are all important and loveable, rich and poor, sloppy and “perfect”. Educated and non- educated.

So I should with this knowledge just feel my emotions, let them go through and then be cool and accepting.

Love Cat