I have always been resentful to manifestation by visualisation. It has not worked for me. TodayI got the message that you have to have your heart included in your manifestation daydream. When you see something unfair, horrible, upsetting. Close your eyes and go into the feeling… Where is it located? Let your body tell you.

Then make a choice. I choose to feel the opposite. Daydream it. Have your heart in your inner picture like a daydream. Breath that reality in. How does it feel when your dreams came true? You watch the news. You see the cuts in the public welfare. Watch it, feel your feeling and then make a choice. The choice you choose, you make to a daydream. Breath it in. The vibration of this “daydream” will be sent from our body out to universe and law of attraction begins”.

“We humans are the only one who can do this because we have a body and a consciousness. The rest of the universe has not this capacity. We are therefore responsible for manifestation on earth plane. So when something goes wrong, embrace, transform by dreaming. Someone will then pick up your idea and transform and cerate. If you do not like something, see it as an opportunity to create.

Dr Jacqueline Hobbs held the talk in Town hall Positive Living group. Link shared below.

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