It is all fine now

Astralasia is the name of a band I heard four weeks ago at the King Arthur pub. I had no idea that the experience was going to support me in releasing ancestral stuff. This song touched a wounded place in me and connected me to the pain of my ancestors.

My grandad on my mother's side was born outside marriage. It was a great shame for his mother. His father walked away and did not take responsibility for his son and we do not know who he was. We think he was a travelling labourer but we are not sure. Poverty and a hard life or just not taking responsibility for his own behaviour was probably his reason but my great-grandfather put my great-grandmother in a very difficult situation. He never admitted his fatherhood so when my grandfather was six years old poverty forced his mother to give him away. The impact of this trauma to my family down the generations is only healing now. I am grateful for Glastonbury and its gifts so we can release and move forward. So this is the song dedicated to my ancestors. Its fine now. It is 2017 and life has changed.

Love Cat