The space in-between

space in-between Waterdropps together

A couple of days ago I had a strong feeling of the space in between. I was back from Glastonbury Festival and had just downsized my workload from 80 to 20 hours a week. I had time left and did not know what to do. I felt myself to be in that space where you do not know where to go. You are not waiting, not working and are not engaged in a project. You are just there in nowhere.

Some of you have experienced this feeling after a breakup, sudden unemployment or when your landlord has given you notice because they need to sell the house. What we do is to not stay too long in this space. I have a pattern of continuously running onto the next project to avoid this feeling.

Artists sometimes express the space in between. They are experiencing this feeling and exploring the process it creates inside of them. If we can’t allow ourselves to do this the avoidance will force us to run away from our own lives and make less conscious choices.

What about if we just stop and allow ourselves to experience this feeling? Start to live our lives and be grateful for what is? To have enough and be just happy in the moment? Accept where we are for one or two hours and not try to change anything? Not looking to the future, no new relationships, no comfort eating or new projects.