Be as you want..

We have a choice of freedom. A choice to live our life however we want. It is no one else’s business. We just need to be prepared to take the consequences of our choices.

We have a choice to adapt to the rules, cultures and norms or take the shit that follows if we do not. It is simple. Nothing is wrong and nothing is right. It is just too much or too little.

If people are complaining or accusing you, you have the choice to listen, adapt and change your behavior or suck it up, walk away and socialize with likeminded people. There is always someone who likes you, who likes your behavior and will stand by your side.

To create peace, we need to accept each other. Accept that there are idiots in the way we are thinking. I say how we are thinking. The idiot maybe just sees the situation from a different angle, has a different agenda. They are maybe not aware of their own sin, or aware of their inner urge to hurt others. They maybe basically are born with a personality disorder, which is created by God. Who knows…

In reality we just have different agenda and I think the secret for peace is to live side by side, not interact too much so it creates hassle and conflicts and accept each other.