For who we are...

Clear blue sky Tor in the background Glastonbury

Yesterday it was Beltane 1st May and we celebrated fertility and love. I have some wisdom I learnt the last couple of weeks.

Some people are hurtful and you cannot trust them because they are not trustworthy. When they are not trustworthy they can not be a part of your life any more, if you do not want trouble. It’s time to let go and accept the true essence of the relationship.

Most of the time we muddle up our relationships. Especially close relationships where we too quickly let someone in. We have lovers which should be in the inner circle, friends in the second one, acquaintance in the third circle and enemies in the fourth. The problem is when a family member, lover, friend or an acquaintance starts to behave in such a way that they have to move to the acquaintance or the enemies circle. That process can be hard to accept when we have a lots of "shoulds" in our society, the church, family and values.

So when we are choosing which circle people belongs to, they have to deserve their place. You cannot know on beforehand how it is going to be. Learn to be in the moment and accept people for who they are and then put them in the right circle.