The little nasty side which always wants revenge...

Thinking about our nasty little side which always wants revenge, to teach someone, put the other person in order or control and have the last word. How can we transform these lower childish emotions to be more kind?

I think kindness and love is a choice and how do we feel if we choose the better side of an issue? The best I think is to be kind and see the other person in the best light, which gives us more flow and peace in our life. A good way for transformation is exercise, meditation, cold showers, therapy or shamanic treatment.

Lots of times we hurt people unknowingly. I had not heard that expression until I went to a crystal bowl soundbath in Glastonbury in 2013. The therapist there told us to cut the cord to people we had hurt and they had hurt unknowingly.

We are so full of ourselves that we are not always are aware. We have this side, which always wants to pour out shit, which gives us a temporary relief or boost our egos. Maybe that is the aim for the spiritual path. To be such a good container of people’s action so you just pour out love, acceptance and kindness. We can stand their mistakes and we are a nice. If they are nasty to us of some reason we are able to ignore. Why be complicated when the world is so chaotic at the moment.

Take care and lots of love


Black Ganesh figure, the rune daganas, red bag of crystals and a picture of three pathways which illustate free will