Day off~ Time to be creative

Chalice Well garden

Today was a fantastic day. I had a day off from my ordinary job as a carer and visited Chalice Well for inspiration and finished the last piece of art in the garden. When I feel ungrounded and thoughts everywhere I go to Chalice Well to finish my projects. I always get good results. Sometimes I bring my cards and do channelling or just listen to the nature and the well.

The water in Chalice Well has healing properties and scientists have found out that the water contains a little bit of radiation. Ten years ago you could have a proper swim in the pool, but because of healthy and safety reasons we can only dip our feet in a very ground pool. See the picture.

For you who are a medium, Chalice Well is a fantastic place there you clearly can hear messages. It is also a perfect place for you who want to learn. So bring your cards and do meditation and some medium ship exercises and you will gain results. The garden is just magic.

Take care and lots of Love