St Michaels tower

January 3, 2017

                                       St Michaels tower Glastonbury Tor 2nd January 2017


If I am bored I go for a walk and walk up the Tor to St Michaels tower. It is good exercise and it also helps my mind into ease. The view is fantastic and suddenly I reminds about why I am  are living in Glastonbury and its uniqueness. I love it and it connects me to the land and my spiritual lifestyle with work, meditation and intention.


My life in Glastonbury is much like a long retreat or a workshop. The difference between another place and Glastonbury is that there are lots of people who share the same point of view and it is ok to be humble and belive in spirits and personal development. 


If you are visiting Glastonbury please look for the local Magazine The Oracle where you can find what is going on at the moment. You can find the Magazine in B&B and in shops and it is also online.


  Take Care and Lots of Love





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