New Year resolution~ Be kind to yourself

Statue of Mother Mary Chalice Well Glastonbury

I went to Chalice Well today for a mission to find something to write about. The guardian of the garden gave me this message to bring forward to you.

' Life is a challenge and it gets more and more difficult. It does not help that the population increases every year, which means more people, more noise, less space and less me. We also get, through social media, news full of fear and hate that wants our attention. It just takes our attention and life force.

We have to focus on what is important for us in our life, to create life quality and meaning. A tip is to follow an intention and read and remind you every day about this intention. An intention could be; I live a peaceful life with kind people around me. I live a magic life. Then create a new plan every day for how you can implement peace, kindness and magic. If we focus on peace and kindness we will send out peace and attract peaceful kind people, because we have something in common.

We also have to make choices. If someone annoys us, we have to ask if we can stand and live with this behaviour or not. If we can not, it is not much we can heal so the advice is to leave.'

Maybe you could have a New Year resolution, to allow yourself a massage once a month. Instead of addictive behaviour, make the choice to do something good for you, like go to a therapist, healer, medium to get input how to improve your life cricumstances.

Happy New Year!

Lots of Love

Cat Larsson