A letter from the dark Goddess

The Dark Goddess

The dark Goddess wants to tell you that she has no issues not being mention by name. She has a big understanding for fear. She brings enlightenment in the fear. She is telling you if something upsets you, ask yourself what is good being upset. Is there a higher aim?

Find ease in pain, fear, uncomfortable and dangerous situations. Ask yourself. What can I learn about the situation? What can I change? What can I do to make my home, my community, and this planet to a better place? What happens if I die? Am I afraid of death? Do I really believe in a life, after this life?

Donald Trump won the election and lots of people are now in fear and tears. What is he going to do with this planet? What is good about that he won? We start talking in mainstream media about women's rights, bullying, racism and how to protect the nature. People with the same kind of opinions come together. We share ideas no matter where we live. The dark, force us to get together and create a good place to be. Internet helps us with inspirations.

I saw yesterday on Facebook a quote from Markus Rothkrantz. It hit me. 'If you don’t live your dreams now… Then when?'