When anger comes from an unexpected place

Picture of one adult and two children sitting on the edge of a swimming pool. Underwater picture. Crystal clear dark blue water

For you who have chosen to dedicate your life of being a parent, you have chosen a responsibility you cannot run away from. That means you are not allowed to harm or damage your child at all, by see it as a part of yourself, something you are allowed to take out your anger on, bully or dislike. You are responsible to love and take care of that child, no matter of your mental state.

If you are not having the mental capacity to take on a child, do not give birth to a child. If you harm that child you create Karma. Karma means you have to go through what you have done to your child in next life. What you do to others comes back and that includes children as well.

Children have one “weakness” . They love you no matter of your qualities. That does not mean you are not hurting or damage them by your shouting and punishment. With anger, what kind of energetic constitution do you create and build around your child? They will be terrified of setting boundaries with others because their unconsciousness tells them they are going to be hurt if they do so. That’s why people are stuck in bad working places, bad relationships and are financial disadvantaged. Children of abuse will be traumatised in that way, that they will choose when they are adults, partners who are like their parents or very weak partners, they can handle. They will find friends who are traumatised in the same way. To calm down a nervous system, some of them go towards alcoholism, overeating, drug use etc.

Dysfunctions you inherit. You cannot get away from it. Sometimes I wonder if people/ humans with lower awareness are the ones who create families. Is the nature of the planet to damage the next generation? We call it to raise children. One dominant belief, delivered from the bible is; ‘Without abuse children, children cannot behave.’ Has it helped anyone? Has it made someone to be a harmonious being? Has it created winners? Has anybody of you who parenting your child with spank and abuse read any articles about how short a memory of a three-year-old child is? Has it even been scientific investigated?

The ones who will win are the people with personality disorder, the ones who does not care and people raised up in harmonious families. We are living in an era when we do not need to give birth to children. We are already 7 billion. 1980 we were 4 billion. So it is time to step up as a human and stop, because of your belief system, mental state or that you simply are stressed out.