September~ the anger period

I am laying on the ground and watching the leafs of a Birch tree in the Abbey. The sun warms my legs and I can hear the tree in the wind. It is  a lovely day.

Today I heard from an astrologer, I had a lunch with at St Johns church graveyard, that we are entering a period of anger, 1 September until 16th September.

I am going to take extra care of myself and others during this period, no matter if this is true or not. I think we can take September to work with our anger issues. Why do we get so angry? Irritated? Frustrated? Depressed?

Are people idiots? Take a deep breath and check if they really are? Probably not in 70% of the cases, but he/ she reminds you about something in your childhood, past life if you believe in that, or he& she does not respect you in one way or another.

In our urge to control, we get angry with him or her instead of dealing with our own stuff. Maybe he or she reflecting back an unpleasant side of myself. There are probably other excuses but I leave it for now.

If I am getting angry I am going to sit still and breath and being observant on my feelings. By self-realisation and by slowing down I will be aware of the cause and clear it out with healing, therapy, prayers, yoga and a balanced diet.

So lets take care of your anger. In the end it will lead to a more peaceful planet.

One for all, All for one.

Lots of Love

Cat Larsson

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