The day of Love

Ornament of Radhe and Krishna

I have been single most of my life. I had a very negative experience when I was 25-29 years old, which took me on my spiritual path. It was my own fault. I wanted to be married and have a child so deeply so I wanted this relationship to work no matter of quality. I lied about myself, to my partner and myself and after three years I ended up very unhappy. In this unhappiness I started to study shamanism, which was the start of the totally change of my life. My teachers gave me tools and I ended the relationship within two weeks.

The core issue I had was that I was not brave enough to show guys I really liked that I was interested. I ran away literally. I was so full of fear of being rejected that I just couldn’t talk to them. Like social phobia. So I avoided them and went to the guys I definitely didn’t like so much. After my disaster relationship I learnt to never ever again go for the second best. If I couldn’t go for the man I really liked and admired I had to be on my own.

Finally I overcame the fear. It took me 10 years. The outcome was not successful and my ego was hurt for a while but now I am ok. My teacher says. – It’s never wrong to express another human love.

Life is to short to holding on to being hurt. It is just our own ego that is hurt. Lets love and show it…. go for the person you admire and love. You deserve your dreams come true.

Lots of Love Cat