Somerset Lavender Farm

Dear you who is reading this blog.

Much is going on in the town at the moment. Tomorrow I am going to an event/ a whole day of lectures regarding Doine Fourtunes work and life. She did many protecting rituals from Glastonbury during the first World War. She lived in Glastonbury and her house is still here.

The week has been intentse with much work and and the energy has been high. The land can give you a nice feeling but sometimes you have to leave the town to get your health back. This is the land where everything amplifies and somtimes your physical and mental health suffers. The postive aspect is that you heal here very quickly as well. Healing sessions are maybe more powerful here. So today I went to Somerset Lavendel farm and bought some lavendel ice cream and a mist spray. It is made buy pure lavendel and smells fantastic. So if you visit Glastonbury I highly recomend you to visit this little place. It is near Radstock. Check their homepage.

As you maybe know. Lavender has good healing qualities. So if you are stressed or feeling not to well Lavender can help you to get better.

Take care and Lots of Love