What is Swedish massage?~ I will tell you

I went to Buddha Field Festival last week to inform about and give Swedish massage. Lots of people think Swedish massage is about being naked during the treatment and I am really sorry. -No. You keep your pants on and you are covered up with towels. I am thinking about the hygiene aspect and you don’t massage muscles where your underwear is located. Then I tailor the treatment to your needs and wishes and use oils. I use hard and light pressure, depending on what you prefer. It is a relaxing treatment but also it also loosens up tension.

Lots of people have lots of tension in their neck, shoulder and over the heart even if they are doing yoga on a daily basis, meditating and living a healthy lifestyle. There is so much stress and pressure around us that we can´t relax if we don’t take time out from phones, Internet, TV and consumption. Just by living near a high traffic road, raises your blood pressure. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4051658/

So when you are at home in your stressful environment I recommend you to give yourself a little bit of luxury. Book a massage treatment. It is not more expensive than a dinner and two- or three glass of vine. If you are in Glastonbury you always can call me and I can come to your B &B and give you a treatment.

I recommend a massage where the muscles gradually warm up and then the pressure increase. Your muscles accept the pressure better and the body relaxes more by a safe touch.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you wear underwear or not during treatment. A professional massage therapist respects your concerns and wants you feel safe during the treatment.

Take care and lots of love