Where can I start being spiritual?

Before you start splashing out loads of money on workshops, yoga mats, retreats in India and Nepal, and fancy natural clothes, you could start following some natural laws. Your life would be much more simple and less complicated.

What you do to another will come back to you. It is a spiritual law, so lets start and I will give you some examples.

These are my personal ones and you can create your own for yourself.

The first one is Don’t judge.

Don’t judge if a person is rich or poor and treat her different from your friends. The next day she could be your neighbour. I knew a woman who worked as a carer in a home for people with alcohol dementia. She was worried about her client. He had an infection in a lump. The carer asked the manager what to do. The manager said “Don’t worry. You are just a carer. This is not your business.” Five years later when the carer had done a degree in social work, she came to this care home with a client. There where no other possibilities to place him somewhere else. The client stayed for just one month. Then she moved him to another care home. Just because she just had just been a carer. The care home lost £68,000 because she moved him due to the fact that the social worker had previously not been treated well.

The second is Ignorance.

That’s a huge one. About 20% of the people I know are inclined to be ignorant. It is their way of saying no. Did you know that ignorance damages DNA.

Gives you the feeling of been frozen in your heart.

Here are some examples of differences between yes, no and ignorance.

Imagine you are a student of music. You have written a lovely song. You are going to your master. The master says to you “Wow, what a beautiful song.” That makes you so happy, you feel like jumping for joy. If the master says “No, I don’t like it.” The student goes back and writes a new song or gets another teacher. If the master leaves the room when the student starts playing, or he doesn’t answer her when the student asks what he thinks about the music it is ignorance.

The third is Lying.

All lies lower your vibration, even white lies. It doesn’t matter how much you meditate. The damage is there. It is a part of the culture. To be polite. Sometimes you feel the need to lie but you are only hurting yourself and the other person. When you lie to someone, they feel unable to make the right decision due to the dishonesty. What is most important?

So if you are honest in a nice way, your aura, you and friends and partners are vibrant shining stars. That is a good start and makes our planet to a better place to be.