I came across The Artwok of Alice and Richard Matzkin when I did a training in conscious Aging. They met late in life. What they said during this training was that we all get older. The babies too. The healing is to see that we all are important no matter of age. The people who have lived for a long time can help the younger generation with hope. Hope that this wold gets better. Hope that we can feel better about our lifes even if the outer life can be hard. To find beauty in chaos.

One way to improve our life quality is to be creative. When we connect to the source of creativity, we connect to a higher sourse which gives us vitality.

Don´t judge yourself. That kills the creativity. Have fun and transmute lower emotions to something better and see the beauty. Find your own passion with colours, fabrics, pearls, garden etc. Because; What is beauty?

How can we leave the world in a better shape after we have been here. Life is just short and we all have an important role to play.

I link to their webpage and you can investigate and read more The Artwok of Alice and Richard Matzkin.