Can we be spiritual in the human race?

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The last three months I returned to Sweden and worked in my old profession. I was back in the human race in my old culture. I saw lots of people in financial stress, with lack of sleep, and saw the pressure to be effective in every moment at work.

I asked myself : "Can we be spiritual, happy and calm in this environment?" How can we have time to meditate and to be conscious, when our exhausted minds are full of thoughts, our bodies full of processed foods and soul full of grief? How do we have time to be aware and reflective? Or, do we need to be disciplined and just do it, even if we crawl out of bed at the last minute? What is the quality of an exhausted meditation when I am almost asleep?

Do we need to be in a more allowing environment and accept less spirituality and awareness when we belong to the rat race? Do we need to change the environment to be more nurturing? Or accept our path, do our best and hope that the younger generation can handle this situation much better?

What I thought of as a solution is to ask yourself: "What is my life mission in this current situation, and how can I make my world better? Is that enough to get to a better space in the human race or is the human race a less conscious choice? "