Following in your father's footsteps


Once upon a time there was a young boy living in suburban Stockholm. His parents had come to Sweden as refugees from the war.The boy was too young to remember arriving in Sweden.

"Be good in school", the parents told the boy. So he did he learned Swedish and passed his exams.But his parents were always worried about money and always talked of the war and how hard life was. If the boy ever asked for anything he was always told that the parents could not afford it. The boy was clever and spoke Arabic as well as Swedish. "Don't forget where you came from", the parents always reminded him. They told him how difficult it would be to get a job in Sweden. Even when he had taken a Degree in Financial Management and was bi-lingual he thought it would be a battle to get a job just like his father's "war"; and so, he took an unqualified job because "life was so hard". I met this boy making an application for benefits. I was puzzled by his skill set and unqualified job. when I asked him about this the penny dropped and he realized in surprise,what am I waiting for?! He had absorbed his parents' beliefs and saw his differences as weaknesses not strengths and transmuted his father's war into a battle of his own for work. I told him I would process his application but to connect and find a man in Sweden who had succeeded to learn again and achieve with different skills.