Why do I fail in my relationships?

Lots of times when we are not well people are not well will tend to hang around. Same attract the same. We are on the same level. They will ignore us, not answer the phone, fail to keep their word and their promises. This is fine and we love their souls. We are not perfect but if they do not apologise or explain then maybe it is time to let them go.

We attract people like this into our lives because of our own lack of self love. We ignore our self love. We don´t love our self and don´t listen. We think negatively about us self and this is a reflection. To raise your own feeling you may need to let some people go. If you are wrong the "real" one, will come back. This my experience. People who ignore us have their own issues, like we do. Unfortionately Love is not perfect here on the earth plane. Peoples' behavior often has nothing to do with us, so bless them and let them go. This is easier said than done. When these people are in your life they will always remind you of your own lack and what is wrong. This is because in a way they are your "teachers". The Buddhists say "ignorance feeds hunger". They believe life is suffering and you have to accept it. I think. Yes, but if we keep this pain as a gift The thought of "what is wrong with me" will increase so, to draw more love, focus on who really loves you and wants to be with you. That is a start. Always be kind; be kind and keep your boundaries towards yourself and others. Peace.