What can we do when Life Is Full Of Stress?

If you cannot get to sleep because of too many thoughts and ideas or you awake early after a sleepless night; when you are hyperventilating and disassociating from your body then you are in acute stress - so, what can you do?

On the physical level, check your blood pressure with your G.P. With high or low blood pressure cut out coffee and stop rushing to work. Try to go with the flow.

Arrange your morning routines; if you hate the mornings, shower in the evening and prepare your lunch in the evening too. For breakfast choose something that is calming but that you like; without wheat, sugar or coffee.

Meditate and exercise to center yourself. Ask, what is my aim for today, what is my life purpose, what would I like to experience today? Write it down then check what you have written in the evening!Maybe you need healing, meditation or yoga. When in acute stress it is difficult to be still. Try searching the internet for an effective mantra to help focus your attention.