What is important this year?

Teddy Bear

A friend asked, "what is important this year?". I replied, "what do you want to develop?"

Many of us think, next year I will be more successful, loveable, peaceful, slimmer, more attractive and have a better family life. This kind of happiness is as rare as being struck by lightening! There is just more disappointment about not achieving goals.What was forgotten was a change in thinking.

After my experience in the jungle of London I realized that I had to develop flexibility. If I am flexible I will never get disappointed. Life gets easier if you have plan A, B and C. For inner and outer reasons people can be unreliable (bless them) so we cannot have rigid expectations. There is no right or wrong here, we have to focus on change for ourselves and not become dysfunctional or addicted

when coping with disappointment. We need to develop flexibility. People change their minds all the time which means our plans may need to change too; so be like the cat on a breaking branch. If we can handle this kind of change then we will be alright.