I offer holistic massage in Glastonbury and offer for ladys only home visits. I can also visit your working place and discounts will be given for group bookings. First you have a consultation where we talk through your needs and medical needs. Then we plan the massage treatment. You keep your underwear on and are covered up with towels. I can also offer seated massage with and without oils. 


Massage is beneficial when you who are doing a detox, would like to destress and relax and for you who have aches and pains. You can also choose to have a seated massage with and without oils.  I am also offering facials  which is very good if your are in a detox process. 

When you booking we will carry out a consultation where I assess what kind of treatment suits your needs.  It is important for me to know if you have allergies, heart or circulation conditions etc. so I can deliver a safe treatment.  

If you have high blood pressure or have had a stroke, heart attack or issues with circulation, please  consult your doctor to confirm that it's safe for you to have a massage treatment. 

30 min -       £30

60 min -       £50

1 h 30 min-  £75

2h -             £90

Consultation is included and I offer special packages. 






Call Now: 0758 1155259