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I am giving healing sessions in the sacred space of a medicine wheel where you meet the elements, guides, angels, power animals and ancestors.  We can be indoors and if the weather is good we can be outdoors as well if you would like that. It doesn’t matter what you believe in. The spirit world is here to support you and show itself in the way that suits you best.

The aim of the healing session is to help you get a clearer picture of your situation, remove energy that is holding you back, and give you some tips about how to get in contact with your higher self and your helpers. The aim is also to give you a good base for your further pilgrimage here in Glastonbury and on earth. You will be given tools that you can use later on. The healing session takes 2 hours.


Important note! A healing session may be strong and may change your life. Things will happen around you.  You can choose to follow the path of healing, or continue your life as it always has been. You have a choice to follow or not to follow what you are feeling and you are responsible for the actions you take. I am a catalyst for your process and helping you to see your blind spots.


If you have a psychiatric diagnosis or have mental health issues you are aware of, please contact your GP for further information and help. 

£99 session


Cat Larsson ~ Glastonbury Uk


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