Frequently asked questions


Do you have a qualification in nutrition?

After my A levels I went for four months full time training to a Finishing school where I learnt how to cook, how to bake, how to plan meals and how to run a household. I learnt about mannerisms, cleaning, laundry, how to mend shoes, clothes and when to harvest.  I studied nutrition, healthy and safety, and what to think about when buying food regarding freshness and quality. Then I learnt what to think about and plan meals if you had digestion issues, diabetes, celiac or allergies to food.


After my time at Ryssby Finishing school in Sweden I did my university degree in social science and worked then as a qualified social worker for ten years. I still had an interest in food and health and continued to study different types of diets like LCHF, eat after your blood group, vegetratism etc. I am for the moment half vegan and eating a lot of raw food and I am into superfood and supplements.



What kind of experience do you have from care work and nutrition?

When I came to England I got a position as a live in carer for an elderly person. She could not walk, was depressed, and had lack of energy. She had had water in her lungs and suffered from diabetes type 2. She had had several admissions at the hospital for the last 6 months. I found out that she had not eaten proper food for a long time and started to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. After eight weeks her strengths was back. The doctor wondered what I had done. She was so much better and could have visits from her friends.


I worked for another lady and she had hernia and started to loose weight. She loved pasta and pastries. The only problem was that it made her constipated and her hernia got worse. I took out 75 procent of wheat and pasta from her diet for a while. She got her strengths back and gained 10 pounds. That is a lot when your weight is 6 stones. I gave her cooked chicken, potatoes and vegetables. She had lots of treats and constant access to dried fruit.



What is healthy food for you?

For me a clean diet is the best. Avoid, toast, cheese, wheat and to much sugar. I believe in boiled potatoes, cooked meat, boiled vegetables but still little bit crunchy and not overcooked. Not so much fat and if I add fat it has to be from good quality. Real butter, real milk, real cheese


There are healthy treats as well. Lots of raw food cakes with lots of super food, which can boosts, your memory and gives you energy in a healthy way. There are supplements you can take. B12 and magnesium and vitamin D are common to have deficiency.  Always consult your doctor if you are on medication what sort of supplements you are thinking about to take so he can give you an answer if it is ok to combine with medication.


I am also cooking vegetarian and vegan food and can help you to create your own almond milk if you like.


Then of course I can cook unhealthy and fattening food as well and help you with your dinner party. 






















What is unhealthy food for you?

I believe in one treat a day.  The older we get, less we can cheat.

Nowadays you don’t need to eat sugar to have a treat; there are a lot of healthy dishes made of dates, honey, nuts, raw chocolate etc.


Of course you can have a treat as a pudding. You can eat fish and chips all day long if you like, but if you are suffering from constipation, hernia or diabetes or something else there is other options for you can eat. If you are having diabetes and thinking for a dessert after lunch it is possible but you have to eat low glycaemic breakfast eggs, meat and skip the toast.


I do not believe in light products and not sugar free squash. Many investigations have told us it raises the blood sugar in the same way as white sugar.  At the same time we add chemicals to our body like aspartame, which affect our wellbeing.


Toast with jam is delicious but healthy as a cake. Same calories, it effect on our guts, blood sugar and metabolism.


Another thing I am not so keen on is all these ready meals from supermarket. They are made of things we do not know actually. Is it real cheese in lasagne? After all these food scandals I do not believe in them. When we get older our gut need more high content of vitamins, when we absorb less and less.


Another unhealthy thing is this sandwich. We are used them but they are not good for us. Do you know it is the same amount of calories in a sandwich, bag of crisp and soft drink as it is if you are eating a well-made Sheppard’s pie. What do you think contains most nutrition’s and vitamins?



How does a menu can look like?

If you are in the state when you have lost your appetite I try to mix a healthy menu with things you like and that can be ready meals or take away. Everything is individualised. This is more a suggestion and example how I think around food and menus.




Porridge with some dates and milk. Milk can be cow milk, nut milk etc. Depending on you. Then after the porridge you can eat toast, tea and coffee.

If you are constipated

A bowl of fruit with flax seed with milk or yoghurt plus tea or coffee.


Nibble of dried fruit


Lunch I make the main meal at lunchtime when our digestion is better and we using the calories for trips out etc.

Fish, boiled potatoes a sauce and boiled vegetables

Sheppard’s pie

Mashed potatoes, sausage and gravy and salad


Pudding or

Raw food cake


Nibble of dried fruit or fruit salad and tea



Soup and sandwich

Cooked fruit


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