April 21, 2018

Yesterday an article was published on Facebook about the fact that The Church of Lucifer had open in Columbia. Lots of people had ticked that they were angry, upset about the fact that this was now opened. The article had pictures of a Church with a golden devil at the altar, a pries...

March 31, 2018

Hi Lovely People. Long time ago. Much have happened in my life.

I have started to give massage and healing at Goddess House in Glastonbury. I have not done any goddess training but the goddess has always been close to me. I never believed in God or Jesus as a man. I always thought: T...

October 3, 2017

When people come to me they mostly ask for what I can see regarding their partner. I just say one word. The person you are attracted to is a reflection of yourself. The person is on the same vibration as yourself in some ways. There are going to be many similarities which you may not...

August 24, 2017

If people do not want to be with us, 

we have to focus on the people who wants to be with us and focus on their strengths. 

Leave them who does not like us 

and build something wonderful with them who loves us

    Lots of love 


May 2, 2017

Yesterday it was Beltane 1st May and we celebrated fertility and love. I have some wisdom I learnt the last couple of weeks.

Some people are hurtful and you cannot trust them because they are not trustworthy. When they are not trustworthy they can not be a part of your life any more,...

January 6, 2017

Thinking about our nasty little side which always wants revenge, to teach someone, put the other person in order or control and have the last word. How can we transform these lower childish emotions to be more kind?

I think kindness and love is a choice and how do we feel if we choose...

January 5, 2017

Today was a fantastic day. I had a day off from my ordinary job as a carer and visited Chalice Well for inspiration and finished the last piece of art in the garden. When I feel ungrounded and thoughts everywhere I go to Chalice Well to finish my projects. I always get good results....

January 3, 2017

                                       St Michaels tower Glastonbury Tor 2nd January 2017

If I am bored I go for a walk and walk up the Tor to St Michaels tower. It is good exercise and it a...

December 31, 2016

I went to Chalice Well today for a mission to find something to write about. The guardian of the garden gave me this message to bring forward to you. 

' Life is a challenge and it gets more and more difficult. It does not help that the population increases every year, which means...

November 9, 2016

The dark Goddess wants to tell you that she has no issues not being mention by name. She has a big understanding for fear. She brings enlightenment in the fear. She is telling you if something upsets you, ask yourself what is good being upset. Is there a higher aim?

Find ease in pain,...

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