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My name is Cat Larsson and I was on an unhealthy rote for four years. I worked as a carer and my car was my office, my kitchen and my vehicle. The solution was meals on the go and take away coffees. I used food as a treat between clients and I gained weight. 4 stones in four years. I was exhausted, tired and had never a proper rest. I was on the go all the time. If I had a day off, I crashed out and ordered a takeaway. 


I had something wrong with my thyroid as well. I think it was triggered by a bad lifestyle and that I slept next to a high traffic road. 


I had been vegetarian for many years back and forward. I compensated my lack of protein with cheese and dairy. Something was telling me that if I didn’t eat protein, I would become malnourished.  


I gained more and more weight and decided to change my job. It was not sustainable. My body started to say no so I quit and got another care job. I cut down my calories, worked less but still I didn’t lose any weight. In this job, the issue was lack of exercise and lack of sleep. It did not help that the pandemic came, and we were not allowed to go out as we used to do. 


I cut out all cheese and dairy. Became a strict plant based and I started to lose weight very slowly. I also added supplement to my thyroid. I am losing weight but very slowly. Like 300g a week or less. I am just getting better and better. My blood tests have been right. My blood pressure is better. I am getting there. 


People are saying that carbs make you fat. Maybe. It depends what kind of carbs you eat. You can be plant based and vegan and still be on an unhealthy diet where you still can get high cholesterol and high blood pressure. 

Have a look around on this website and see what we are doing. 

I live with my partner Crispin and we are building and improving our life in the right direction. 

Cat Larsson